Stewardship plans appear on the on the Prospect Plans tab for Stewardship plans that are managed by the constituent as a fundraiser.

Stewardship and Prospect Plans can be added to Prospect constituents who are also Fundraisers. When a Prospect or Stewardship plan is assigned to a constituent who is also a Prospect its shown on that constituent's Fundraiser tabs, however when a Stewardship plan is added for that user it's also shown on the Prospect tabs.  

This is the correct result given the parameters.  If the fundraiser is also a Steward on the prospect's plan, that plan will show on the Fundraiser's record.  To prevent the prospect plan from appearing on the Fundraiser's record, remove the fundraiser as a steward.  

Additional information about the Plan tab is available here:

Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to Prospects, Add a Stewardship plan for a prospect
2. For the Manager, Select a Fundraiser who is also a prospect
3. Go to Prospect, Search Fundraisers
4. Select your Fundraiser who is also a prospect from step 2
5. Choose the Prospect > Plans tab
6. The plan that is managed by this constituent appears on this tab although it is not a plan for this constituent as a prospect. 


 Blackbaud CRM

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