Part 1: First, you will want to isolate all of the records that need updating
  1. You can do this by building a query similar to the one in our related solution: I need to find individuals that do not have titles

Part 2: Use Excel to insert Titles into Constituent Records 

  1. In the results you exported to Excel, add a column for Title. 
  2. Insert the appropriate titles. Use First Name, Gender, and Marital Status to help you sort and insert titles quickly. 
  3. Once you have inserted all titles, save your document as a CSV file in a location you can access later. 

Part 3: To begin the import, you will need to confirm that you have all of the needed fields in your Batch Template

  1. Go to Administration > Batch Entry > Batch Templates > Constituent Update batch
  2. Click the Double Green arrows next to the template name and click Edit
  3. Click on the second tab, Select Fields and Defaults 
  4. Ensure that Title and Gender are included in the selected fields. If not, drag these fields from Available Field Options. 
  5. Click save
Part 4: Finally, complete your import process using the following steps
  1. Go to Administration > Import
  2. Click Add to add a new Import Process.
  3. When prompted to select a batch template, expand Constituent and choose Constituent Update batch
  4. Next, you will name your Import Process (for example: Title Import) and add a description if desired. 
  5. Under Batch Owner, choose the username who will be responsible for committing the batch. 
  6. Click the button “Choose from local file” and browse to the CSV we saved in Part 2.
  7. Click Next. 
  8. Under, Map fields, map the columns in your CSV file to fields in Altru. You should also match the Lookup ID in your CSV file to the "Constituent field" to ensure proper matching.
  9. When all fields are mapped, click Next.
  10. Under Set options, go to the Other Tab. Under Search List Fields, change to "Quick find."
  11. Click Save to save your import process.
  12. To run the import, highlight the import and click “Start Import”
  13. Running the import creates a Batch.
  14. Click "Go to Batch Entry" or click the hyperlinked number of the batch created from the import process. 
  15. Review the batch to ensure that everything was mapped and imported properly. If you see any mistakes, keep in mind you can run the import process again and create a new batch. 
  16. Once you have reviewed your batch, save and close your batch.
  17. Go to Administration > Batch Entry and click on Commit and check the commit process parameters.
  18. Once the batch is successfully committed, you will see titles added to your constituent records.