To repeat Students after Promoting navigate to:
  1. Core > People Finder
  2. Search for and select the student
  3. Access tab > edit icon next to Student > Edit School Enrollment 
  4. Change the Grade Level to the same Grade Level the student is repeating and select the Repeat checkbox.
  5. Save
The student's grade level in subsequent school years will update automatically and their Grad Year will update when you refresh their profile page. 

For example, you have a user that was in 9th grad in 2016-2017 and class of 2020. They are repeating the 9th grade in 2017-2018.
  1. Edit School Enrollment
  2. Change the 2017-2018 grade level to 9 and mark Repeat
  3. Save
  4. The Students future enrollments will update automatically (10th grade in 2018-2019, 11th grade in 2019-2020, and 12th grade in 2020-2021).
  5. Refresh the Student's profile and their Grad Year is updated to 2021.