This issue affects any Transaction Details report created prior to the 15.7.0 release that does not include the filter "Transaction Purpose".

The filter, "Transaction Purpose" is now a default filter in the 15.7 release and beyond, causing errors to any Transaction Details reports created prior to this release.  To fix the issue, you will want to recreate the report(s) from scratch; the Copy function will not work. To obtain the original criteria of your report so you can rebuild it from scratch, follow the steps below:
  1. Navigate to Data Management > select Reports
  2. Select the Report Writer tab
  3. Search for your report and click Run Report
  4. Skip to step "e. Review Criteria Summary" and your criteria will be listed on the right. Open up a new tab or window to create your report. 
Note: You cannot have two Report Writer reports open in the same browser window session as this will likely result in errors. For that reason, select the Run Report option versus Edit Report.