To select users for a School Form first create a School form in the area of the Software you will be using it they are specific to the area they are created for example if you create a School Form as a Admissions Manager in onBoard then a Grading Manager in onRecord will not see the Form (School Forms can be found in onMessage, onCampus, onRecord, and onBoard > Settings > School Forms) 

1. Click + Add Form (or click Edit if you are editing a already created form, a form can only be edited if it is not tied to Recipients)
2. Select the Form Type that you are creating
3. To add Recipients click the Recipients tab
4. Click the +Add
5. Select Role IE Student
6. Select Grade Level
7. Select School Year and Group if Applicable 
8. Click the Search Icon and select all or select individually the users you are looking to add. 
9. Click Add Currently Selected

If you need to complete this for multiple grade levels select all the users from one Level and then go back and repeat steps 4-9