Error: There are payments made against this matching gift claim. Delete those payments before deleting this matching gift claim when changing the constituent on a payment

When changing the constituent on payment that also has a matching gift claim, this error is shown batch. The user must delete the payments against the matching gift claim before changing the constituent on the payment. This situation is encountered if the user needs to change the constituent for whom the original payment was entered. This message in new to version 4.0 and did not occur in prior versions.
We're currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future release 

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Add a new payment
  2. Add a matching gift claim to the payment
  3. Pay off the matching gift claim
  4. Add a new revenue update batch
  5. Pull up the payment (step 1)
  6. Change the constituent 
  7. Validate the batch-see error


 Blackbaud CRM

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