Tax Report does not match other reports such as Total Revenue Report

You may find when reconciling your Tax Report with other reports in Altru such as the Account Distribution Report or the Total Revenue Report that the tax amount does not match for group sales reservations. Typically you will see the Tax Report reporting a larger amount than the other two reports. 
The tax report pulls by transaction date but the account distribution report and total revenue and payments report looks at the date the revenue is recognized in Altru. This may cause the reports to not show the same information. 

Steps to Duplicate

This is due to the Tax Report including tax for group reservations that are Confirmed, Finalized, and Complete. The Tax Report does not include tax for payments on groups marked Pending or Tentative. 
  1. Go to Sales > Tax Report and run the report for Group Sales for today's date. Make note of the totals.
  2. Go to Tickets > Taxes and make sure a Sales Tax is active and configured. Also make sure that there is a program tied to the Tax.
  3. Go to Sales > Group Sales
  4. Add a Reservation for a future date
  5. Add the program that is taxed to the group's itinerary. 
  6. Apply a payment in the amount of the reservation deposit to the group
  7. On the Reservation, click change Status. Change the status to Confirmed
  8. Run the Tax Report again, notice the amount of the tax on the confirmed reservation is showing in the report. 
  9. On the reservation, change the status again to make the group Pending. 
  10. Run the Tax Report again and notice the tax for the group no longer shows. 


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