Receipt amount is not updated when adjusting the amount field of a transaction in batch

When adjusting the amount of a transaction in batch, the receipt amount is not automatically adjusted to match. 
We're currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future patch or service pack.  

Steps to Duplicate

1.  Log-in to Sample 4.0:  http://chs-bbecweb01/SMP_EC_40/webui/webshellpage.aspx?databasename=BBInfinity#pageType=fa&faId=00050ce8-8abb-4a86-b9af-70a035ce0582
2.  Go to Revenue, Batch Entry, and Add an Enhanced Revenue Batch (make sure receipt amount is included). 
Enter a Constituent
GLPost Date
Amount: $1000
Revenue Type: Payment
Application: Donation
3.  without saving click on the row below the row you entered in step 2. Click back into your first row amount field and change the amount to $50.  Click Revenue/apply to commitments. Click Cancel. Notice that your receipt amount never updates to match your amount. 

 Video of duplication here:  \\cly-files\attachments\2015CS\12636844


 Blackbaud CRM

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