When you cross reference a donation form all funds that are entered via that form will come in to the RE fund, campaign, appeal, package, and gift subtype associated with that form regardless if the payment type is cash, credit, or check, If you would like cash, check, and credit donations to be associated with different RE Gift Subtypes you can create three donation forms, one for each gift type, and make sure when you cross reference each form they are each mapped to a different Gift Subtype in RE. Furthermore, you can follow the steps provided below to make sure that each form will only accept one payment type. Doing so will ensure that admins can never mistakenly enter the wrong payment types on the wrong forms e.g. enter a cash gift on a form that is meant for checks.
  1. In Luminate Online go to Fundraising > Donation Management 
  2. Click the All Donation Forms Tab
  3. Select Edit on the donation form you wish to edit.
  4. Go to step 3 Design Donor Screens.
  5. Select Edit on the Donation form.
  6. Select Payment Type.
  7. Click Save Order and Edit Selected.
  8. Choose the payment type you wish to be entered on the form by admins.
  9. Click Save.