When Adding a Comma to the Additional Donation in Event Form, Amount is Ignored

When making an additional donation on an Event Registration Form 2.0 in FireFox, the additional amount is ignored.  
This will make the additional donation null and only respect the Event Registration Event Price selection.

All other browsers do not allow a comma to be entered into the Additional Donation field.
This is resolved in the latest version of NetCommunity.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Open up FireFox
2. Navigate to any Event Registration Form in NetCommunity that has an additional donation 
3. Select Event Price you want, then in additional donation, enter an amount and put a comma in (example: 1,000)
4. You will see that the total will not have that amount applied
5. If you remove the comma it will apply the amount
6. Now do the same in any other browser and you will see that it will not allow the comma


 Blackbaud NetCommunity

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