Education Edge removes digit in phone number when entering comma on Profile Form (EE)

When a user updates their phone number on a Profile Form (EE) If they enter in a comma the full number doesn't carry over.  One digit is removed from the full phone number.

For example, if the user enters (843) 387-5002 Ext ,125 it will come over to their record in Education Edge like this (84) 387-5002 Ext ,125

Our Product Development team has reviewed this issue and its impact on the software. After careful consideration, we have determined that we will not be addressing this issue.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Navigate to Profile form (EE) in NetCommunity with an individual, student, or faculty login.
2. On the cell, business, or home phone number field enter the number (843) 387-5002 Ext ,125
3. Save the Profile form (EE)
4. Navigate to Education Edge and select the NetCommunity plugin
5. Select profile updates
6. Select the new profile update for the change in Phone number
7. Process this update
8. Navigate to the record and see the new phone number entry
9. Observe the issue


 Blackbaud NetCommunity

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