How to query on soft credit recipients, who are head of household

When querying on constituents, who have been soft credited for a gift, sometimes a user will want to further filter the query to only use the head of household soft credits. This can then be pulled into an export. 
  1. Create a Gift Query to filter on the head of house hold soft credits: (Criteria: Soft Credit Recipient ID not blank AND This individual is head of household equals No AND This Individual is Spouse equals Yes).Be sure to change the soft credit options in Tools > Query Options > Gift Processing.
  2. Create a Constituent Query for gifts that have a soft credit. If you have other criteria that you want to use to limit the constituents being included, you would do that here. (Soft Credit Recipient ID not blank AND <any other criteria desired>).
  3. Create a Constituent Export and pull in the Query from Step #2.
  4. In the Export output, when you select the Gift information, set the Soft Credits to Donor. On the filters tab, you will use the Query created in Step #1.
  5. Additional Output to show the donor and soft credit names and amounts would be: Constituent Information > Name; Gifts > Gift Amount; Gifts > Soft Credits > Constituent Name; Gifts > Soft Credits > Amount.

This will show you the donor's name, the gift amount, the soft credit's name and the soft credit amount.


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