The count of pending transactions to be downloaded shows the same number for all batch assignments, when multiple batch assignments of the same transaction type exist

When a Web Transaction Batch Assignment has a filter for transactions based on the BBIS Site they were generated from, the Pending Transactions are showing under all Batch Assignments of that transaction type (Donations, Registrations, etc)

For example, if a donation was submitted under Site B in BBIS and there are two Batch Assignments for Donations in CRM Web Transactions, the transaction waiting to be downloaded will display in the number of transactions column for both Batch Assignments.

When you add a Batch assignment setting, there is a default batch assignment that uses a selection for all transactions.  This cannot be removed.  It will exist for all assignments for the same transaction type.  (e.g., transaction type = Donations.)  When you add another assignment to an assigment setting, you are effectivly fitting a smaller funnel into the larger one for All Transactions.  However, the larger funnel continues to exist within that assignment stack.  Thus, it is appropriate for all Donations to appear for all Assignment Settings for transactions of the same type. 

We suggest creating only 1 batch assignment setting per transaction type, and adding as many batch assignments as desired to that assignment setting.  Using multiple batch assignments for the same transaction type could create confusion for end users and is not advised.  

Steps to Duplicate

  1. In CRM, Go to Go to Web > Manage Web Transactions > Batch Assignments Settings tab
  2. Add a new Batch assignment for Donations and setup a filter for a secondary site from BBIS
  3. In BBIS, access a Donation form on your Primary/Default site and submit a donation
  4. In BBIS, access a Donation form on a secondary site that you created the new Batch assignment filter for and submit a donation
  5. In CRM, Go to Web > Manage Web Transactions > Transactions tab
  6. View the donations showing in both Batch Assignments you have created for Donations
  7. In the Number of transactions column, the donation submitted through step 4 above on the Secondary site is showing in both donation batch assignments and not just the one created in steps 1 and 2 as expected.


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