Custom Date\Time field does not trigger custom e-mail alerts to send

When attempting to use a custom date\time field to feed an e-mail alert datalist, a user may notice that the e-mail alert never successfully processes e-mails.
When a custom alert is processed, it’s run within a given window: the window opens at the date the process last run and it closes at the exact time that the process starts. Any records outside of that window will not be returned. 

However, time is not static. After the process starts, it starts running the data list while the clock keeps ticking. The query view extension uses getdate() to return the current time in each row. But by the time it gets there, the current time has now advanced past the time that the process started. So getdate() will essentially always be outside of the window of the process: it always be just in the future. The feature was never intended to provide a means to email the current results of a query out, so cannot be utilized to achieve this end. The query can be processed in CRM if you want to see the results of a query at a given time.  


 Blackbaud CRM

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