Why Does My Scheduled Report Contain No Data?

eTapestry has the ability to schedule report to run overnight.  This is very helpful for larger reports that will take a long time to run, or helpful for a report you may need to run daily, weekly, or monthly. 

It is possible that the report runs successfully, you receive the report via email/dropbox, and the file contains no data.  When you manually run the report within eTapestry, the report does have results.
  1. Make sure that the user account who scheduled the report has not been moved into a security group different security group.  At the time the report was scheduled, the user may have had access to all/certain accounts or journal entries.  If that user has been moved into a different security group, you may have blocked access to the accounts or journal entries being expected in the scheduled report.  You would want to move that user  back to the original security group, or disable the report and schedule it using your user account.  For this particular situation you would have to have the Advanced Security module.  Basic security can't block access to seeing accounts or journal entries.
  2. The scheduled report is based off the user's time zone.  Each individual user can set their time zone on their user account in the Preferences page.  The database also has it's own time zone setting found under Management > My Organization > Preferences.  If the user that scheduled the report has a time zone much earlier/later than the rest of those expecting the report, it might affect the data being pulled.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Obtain a scheduled report and notice their are no results
  2. Open your database
  3. Click the down arrow next to Home on the navigation bar
  4. Click Open My Scheduled Items
  5. Set the drop down to My Organization
  6. Click the name of the report you scheduled to run
  7. Click the report name link to take you to the report
  8. Click Save And Run
  9. Set the Category to the one your query is stored in
  10. Set the Query to the one you used when you scheduled the report
  11. Set the Report Format To Display Results On Screen
  12. Click Submit
  13. Notice there is data



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