Incorrect results when exporting Event Section in Constituent Export

When exporting field Event participations>Section Number from a Constituent export, the output may display Section 1 even though the constituent was seated in a different section for the event.
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Alternative solution:

Pull the seating information directly from the event record.

1. Open event record
2. Select General Tab
3. Click Seating button
4. Right-click in the Seats window and select Export Seats Grid to Excel

Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to Export>New Export
2. Select Constituent for the Export type
3. Select desired format (CSV or Excel)
4. Click Create now
5. On General tab, click Include...>One Record
6. Select constituent that was seated in a section other than Section 1 for an event
7. Select Output tab
8. Select the following output:
Constituent information>Name and Constituent ID
Event Participations>Event Seat and Section Number
Event participations>Event>Name
9. Click Export or preview
10. In results, column 3 is showing the correct Section/Seat number. In column 4, the Section Number is showing as Section 1.


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