1. Go to Insert > Text Object
  2. Draw the box where you would like to see the address fields
  3. Insert the Address or Address Line 1 field into the textbox
  4. Hit Enter to go to the next line
  5. Insert the next Address Line field and hit Enter to go to the next line. If there is only one Address/Address Line field, go to step 6
  6. Insert the City field into the Textbox
  7. Type in a comma and a space after the City field
  8. Insert the State field into the Textbox
  9. Enter a space after the State field
  10. Insert the Zip field into the Textbox
  11. Right-click on the Textbox and select Format Field
  12. On the Common tab, mark the "Suppress Embedded Field Blank Lines" and the "Can Grow" checkboxes.
  13. Click OK