Last page of purchase order is blank

When creating purchase orders using blank forms and using single spacing, depending on the amount of line items and comments, a blank page will print without any purchase order information only showing the total and signature (if applicable).
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information

Steps to Duplicate

1. Create PO using blank forms and single spacing
2. Add 8 line items with 2 lines of comments
3. Preview\ Print PO
4. Notice the first page has all of the PO info showing correctly, but the second page only shows the total and signature (if applicable).

*This can occur with a different amount of line items depending on formatting and spacing.  The PO can also print correctly on multiple pages, but the last page will be blank showing only the total and signature (if applicable).
*There are also times when the signature will print on the 1st page, but will not print on the second page and the second page will be blank
*In certain cases, a PO will be created and the formatting will be correct.  Another PO will be created with the same amount of line items and comments and it will not print correctly.


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