Organizations that use the Personal Fundraising module will know that the Login Id and Password listed on a Constituent's Account Settings page show their login information for a Personal Fundraising website. That login information is normal to have listed there if a Constituent has registered for a Fundraiser.

If your organization does not use Personal Fundraiser or a Constituent is not registered for one, you may still see information populated into those fields. That information is filled in because of your browser's preferences on saving passwords for future use.

Because the "Confirm Password" field is not filled in, if you try to make changes to an account's Account Settings page it may prevent you from saving before filling out the correct password again. If this happens, you can remove the text from the Login Id and Password fields and then try to save the changes again.

If you would like to prevent this from happening in the future, you can choose to remove those password saving preferences from your browser's settings.