Raiser's Edge hangs when matching records in Connect RE plug in

When users access the Connect RE plug to match records from Whipple Hill and The Raiser's Edge, the Raiser's Edge may hang and stop matching.
Users must use the Task Manager on their machines to close The Raiser's Edge.
This issue can be caused by inconsistensies with the Core or Raiser's Edge record. Please check the following to resolve:

1. Issue can be caused by a record with invalid or special characters. In one instance we found the issue was isolated to one record with a school relationship on the Raiser's Edge record has a special character. Please review the affected record and check for any inconsistencies or invalid characters.

2. Duplicate records can also cause the issue where the integration attempts to match to both records at once. To resolve please remove the duplicate from the Core database.

If you are still experiencing this issue please contact Support.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Launch Raisers' Edge
2. Access Connect RE plug in
3. Matching process begins.
4. Process hangs
5. Must use Task Manager on machine to close Raiser's Edge.


 SQL Server 2008 R2
 Raiser's Edge

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