Why are my eCard selections not saving?

When I select the appropriate eCards to use on a Donation From and click Save, I'm encountering an error message: 

Warning! The form you are editing is either published or scheduled to be published automatically!
Error: Your change would have resulted in an invalid published form!
Click here to see details about the problems that would have been introduced.

The Save is not committing. How can I get my new eCards to show up on the donation form?
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information. In the meantime, there is a workaround available. If the Donation Form is currently in Published status, you will need to temporarily Unpublish it, follow the steps below, and then re-publish it.
  1. Navigate to Fundraising > Donation Management
  2. Select the Donation Forms tab
  3. Enter the name of the form and click Search
  4. If the form is in Published status
    1. Click Unpublish from the Actions column
  5. Click Edit under the Actions column
  6. Select Design Donor Screens from the left hand navigation pane
  7. Beside Donation Form, click Edit under the Actions column
  8. In the 'Arrange the order of the selected data elements:' column, click the eCard-Selections data element
  9. Click the <Remove buton
  10. Save the form
  11. In the 'Select data elements to include in this form:' column, click the eCard-Selections data element
  12. Click the Add> button
  13. Mark all of the appropriate eCard selections
  14. Save the form
  15. On the left hand navigation pane, select Publish
  16. Click the Reschedule button, if available. If not, see next step.
  17. Mark the radio button to Publish this donation form now
  18. Click Finish




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