Why are my eCard selections not saving?

I created a new eCard(s) and having trouble saving it to a donation form.  I check it off and save the form, but when I go back to the eCard-Selections page, the checkbox for the new eCard is still unchecked. How can I get my new eCard to show up on a donation form?
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information. In the meantime, follow the steps below to get your new eCard selection saved to the donation form:
  1. Edit the Donation Form (Donation forms can be edited while published)
  2. Remove the ‘eCard-Selections’ data element
  3. Save the form
  4. Add the ‘eCard-Selections’ data element back
  5. Mark all of the appropriate eCard selections
  6. Save the form


Steps to Duplicate

1. Create a new donation eCcard via Email>Stationery
2. Create or edit a donation form with eCcard Selections
3. From the eCard-Selections data element page of the donation form, select appropriate eCards, save and publish form
4. From the published donation form,  verify the eCards selected
5. Click Email>Stationery and create a new donation eCard
6. Proceed back to your donation form eCard-Selections data element page
7. Mark the new eCard checkbox to include it on the donation form
8. Save and publish donation form
9. Verify that new eCard is not selected



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