First, check the failed file for the error message(s). Anything within the parenthesis is the reason the file is failing. To see why something is failing, it is best to refer to the File Layout Help and Detailed View to see which Columns require which items. All Items in Bold on the File Layout Help are required fields. Sometimes the required fields require very specific information. To see what this information is, navigate to:
  1. Core > System tools > Data import
  2. Click Create Import Job
  3. Select the Category and Import Type
  4. Click View File Layout Help 
  5. Here you can see the Items in Bold are Required, anything not in bold is optional
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  1. Click Detailed View next to the Scheme you are using to Import the file, this provides specific information that these fields require for example: this_duration Starting Term Name exact match WH/BB Term Name such as Q1 1st First  as shown in the Description Column. To see your Term name, if you go to Core > settings > Years and Terms > Click the Editing pencil next to the Term, you will see there is a Term Name and Description, you are only looking for Term Name in this File.
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