Inactive merchant accounts are visible in other areas of the program

Some users find that Inactive Merchant Accounts are available for selection in other functional areas of The Raiser's Edge, including Batch. 
Inactive merchant accounts cannot be charged, even if the information entered is still valid. If desired, users can edit the following to ensure other users don't try to charge the account in Batch.
  • Change Merchant Account name to include 'Inactive', to prevent other users from using the Merchant Account.
  • Change Login ID and Password so they don't connect with a valid account.

We have evaluated this issue as a potential defect and we have determined it will not be addressed in the software in its current state.  In this case, the risks and challenges outweigh the potential benefit of resolving this issue.

We wish we could address each and every issue that we come across, but there are occasions when addressing certain issues would add risk to causing a bigger problem or would put other prioritized initiatives at risk. 

We strive to select the most impactful changes and issues to address with each release to accelerate the rate at which we deliver new features while sustaining the highest level of quality for our customers.

Steps to Duplicate

1) Log into Raiser's Edge as Supervisor
2) Go to Config > Business Rules > Merchant Accounts
3) Open a merchant account and change the status to Inactive
4) Save and close the record
5) Go to Batch
6) Click New Gift Batch
7) Click Fields tab
8) Move the Credit card number field over to the right
9) Move the EFT? field over to the right
10) Click Data Entry
11) Enter a constituent name, amount, date, type (cash), fund, and GL post status
12) Enter the pay method as credit card
13) Enter the credit card type as Visa
14) Enter the credit card number as 4111111111111111
15) Enter a future expiration date
16) Enter the cardholder name
17) Mark the EFT? box
18) From the top menu, select Tools > Create EFT transmission files
19) Mark the box to Create credit car file
20) In the Account dropdown list, see that the inactive account is still available for selection


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