This could be because of these items:

A. Terms have not started yet or have ended
To check this navigate to:
  1. Core > School >Years & Terms
  2. Select the appropriate School Year and School Level
  3. Ensure the Dates are starting when you would like for users to start seeing these options in their navigation menu or the end date is till the date you want them to see it (you can also use days to default to accomplish the end viewing date just don't let the terms overlap)
  4. Also ensure the School Year you want displaying is marked current year
  5. Ensure there are no overlap of Terms/School Years (for example 14/15 ends on 7/1 then 15/16 should start on 7/2) Athletics Terms can overlap
B. Group Page Access is not set
To check this navigate to:
  1. onCampus > Settings > Group Page Access
  2. Select the School year and School Level and Group Type you wish to modify (Classes, Community, Athletics, Activities)
  3. Click the +Add Access button
  4. Check the roles you would like to add access to
  5. Click Add Access at the bottom
  6. From here you can change the dates by clicking the editing pencil on the role access you would like for these users to start seeing their pages (for example if you want Teachers to start seeing their pages now you can set their date today and Students on another later date)
C. The Teacher is not added to the Course
To edit this navigate to:
  1. From the persona menu, select onCampus > People >Academics
  2. Select Course Teachers
  3. Click Edit next to the appropriate section
  4. Select the Correct Term
  5. Click Add Teacher
  6. Search for the appropriate teachers
  7. Click >> to add them to the Added Users list
  8. Click Next
  9. Select the teacher type and the "Head" teacher if needed
  10. Click Save & Exit