Error: There was a problem merging in Luminate Online, the merge will be cancelled. Object reference not set to an instance of an object -- when merging records

When merging records, I may be unable to successfully complete the merge if this error appears. This can happen when merging a record from the Duplicate Constituent Management Tool or from the individual records. 
This error was resolved in the February update of the Luminate plugin version 1.4.5854.24511 and above. Please update to the latest plugin and web service version to resolve this issue.

Please contact Support and create a case if you are still experiencing this issue after updating versions and include the following:

1. Number of affected records
2. Where the error is occurring (merging in Records or merging in the Duplicate Constituent Management Tool)
3. Any noticeable differences between affected records and affected records (i.e. fields that are present on records receiving the error compared to fields on records that are merging successfully)

Steps to Duplicate

1. Click Admin > Duplicate Constituent Management Tool 
2. Select Individuals or Organizations 
3. Click Start a new search 
4. Select a set of duplicates from the left-hand grid that are in RE and LO and click Merge into Master Record 
5. Error appears


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