Field Name - Description
(EmployerFinder Only)
EmployerFinder Employer - Employment information found through EmployerFinder service.

(MatchFinder and EmployerFinder)
MatchFinder Org name - Official name of the parent company. 
Alias - A commonly known alias, abbreviation or dba of the parent company, if applicable.

Contact Information
Contact First - First name of the program administrator.
Contact Last - Last name of the program administrator.
Contact Suffix - Suffix of the program administrator.
Contact Title - Administrative title of the program administrator.
MG Address1 & 2 - Street addresses of the program administrative office.
MG City, State &  Zip - City, State and Zip code of the program administrative office.
MG Phone Phone  - Phone number of the program administrative office.
MG Phone Email - Email Address of the program administrative office.
Matching Gift Information 
PER GIFT MINIMUM - Minimum gift amount that will be matched.
PER GIFT MAXIMUM - Maximum gift amount that will be matched.
ANNUAL MAXIMUM - Total annual maximum matched per employee.
MG  RATIO - Matching gift ratio.
DEADLINE - Matching company’s submittal deadline.
COMMENT - Special program comments
Program Guide - Web URL or Online PDF Guide of Program.
Online Form - Web Form or Online PDF Form of Program.


EL01 - All employees are eligible.
EL02 - All full-time employees are eligible.
EL03 - All full-time salaried employees are eligible.
EL04 - All part-time salaried employees are eligible.
EL05 - Retired employees are eligible.
EL06 - Spouses of eligible employees are eligible.
EL07 - Board of Directors members are eligible.
Education - Will match to the following educational institutions
EE01 - Four-year colleges and universities.
EE02 - Graduate and Professional schools.
EE03 - Community/Junior colleges.
EE04 - Seminaries.
EE05 - Secondary schools.
EE06 - Elementary schools.
EE07 - Technical schools.
PR01 - Donor sends check with form to corporation.
PR02 - Institution/nonprofit files form with corporation upon receipt of gift.
PR03 - Gift receipt required with every match.
PR04 - Acknowledgment letter required.
PR05 - Donor contacts corporation via telephone.
PR06 - Employee presents receipt.
AT01 - Match gifts to athletic programs.
AT02 - Match gifts to athletic scholarship programs.
AT03 - Match gifts to athletic building funds.
AF01 - Alumni status not required.
AF02 - Employee must be a graduate of the institution.
AF03 - Donor’s child or spouse must have attended institution.
AF04 - Membership required.
AF05 - Recipient of patient care.
Other Nonprofit - 501(c)3 organizations
OT01 - Healthcare.
OT02 - Museums.
OT03 - Social Services.
OT04 - Performing arts.
OT05 - Public radio/TV.
OT06 - Religious organizations.
OT07 - Environmental/conservation.
OT08 - Cultural.
OT09 - Charities.
OT10 - Fraternity/Sorority Educational Foundations.
OT11 - Hospitals.
DS01 - Continuously upon receipt of form(s).
DS02 - Monthly.
DS03 - Quarterly.
DS04 - Annually.
DS05 - Semiannually.
REST01 - Match may follow employee donor's designation.
REST02 - Match is unrestricted and may be allocated at organization's discretion.
REST03 - Match must be directed to School's general/academic fund.