Vertical scroll bar does not scroll to the bottom of the list when editing an existing query

When editing an existing revenue query, at certain times the scroll bar for the list in the middle pane of the query window does not slide down to the bottom of the list.  The bar goes down as far as it can, but there is more list that is not revealed. Using the scroll wheel of the mouse allows you to continue to scroll down the list.
In versions 3.0 and below maximize the query window.

In versions 4.0 and above the query window will maximize upon opening the query.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Go to Analysis functional area
  2. Select an existing revenue query
  3. Drill down several nodes deep in the Browse for filed in pane
  4. Observe the scroll bar in the center pane
  5. Observe that eventually that sliding the scroll bar as far down as it goes does not take you to the bottom of the list.  Use the scroll wheel on the mouse to scroll farther than the bar will go


 Blackbaud CRM

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