To access the DNS Management Toolbox, navigate to in your browser. Login with the same credentials you use to log into your ON Application ( Help is also included in the toolbox if you have questions about how to use it.

Please note that if your "App" password contains any of the special characters listed below the SSO to the Toolbox may not work. In that instance you'll need to change your "App" password so it does not use any of the characters listed below.


Please take a moment to login to the Toolbox and verify that the DNS zone is accurate after the import.


New Name Servers

Note: Name Server can be different depending on when they were imported/transferred

Please reference the table below paying special attention to the date your zone was imported.

Name Server Transfer DateName Servers
2/1/2017 -
8/28/2015 - 1/31/
11/11/2014 - 8/27/2015

Before 11/11/2014Varies: Contact Support

It is recommended to change the Nameservers with your registrar overnight.  Please be sure to remove/replace all existing name server records so that the four listed above are the only ones.

Below are links with instructions for moving your DNS from the most common Registrars.

Additional Toolbox users must be approved by the Primary Contact at the school and can be requested by submitting a ticket to Support.