The Mass Merge Plug-in is available for purchase on an annual subscription basis. To obtain a license key, contact your account manager. Once the contract is in place, an analyst will help you install, unlock, and run the plugin.
  • If you ARE hosted by Blackbaud's Hosting Services, we'll give you access and we'll automatically push the latest version as soon as it's available.  
  • If you are NOT hosted by Blackbaud's Hosting Services, you can download The Raiser's Edge 7 Mass Merge Plugin from our website. You'll be able to use it after we provide your valid license key. The latest version will always be available for download if you need to install it again.
If you have any questions or suggestions for the Mass Merge Plugin, please contact Support for assistance or refer to the following article.

What is the Mass Merge Plugin and how do I get support for it?

Note: If receiving an error that the license key doesn't match the serial number, see Error: Your Mass Merge license is invalid! Your database serial number does not match the license.