To create an advanced list for Parents of 2015 Alumni 
  1. Go to Core > Lists > View All
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  1. Select List Templates
  2. Select from the Template Category dropdown Constituent Information
  3. On the list Parents of Alumni select View/Copy
  4. Rename the list if necessary
Select Objects
  1. Select Objects in Constituent Information for User Role > User Base > Parent/Child Relationship 
  2. Add User Base to Parent/Child Relationship, which will become User Base [1] 
  3. Add User Role to User Base [1]
  4. Add User Address to User Base [1]
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​Display Fields
  1. Select Fields and mark User Base First Name, Last Name, User Base [1] First Name, User Base [1] Last Name, User Base [1] Grad Year, User Address Address Line 1, City, State Short, Postal Code/Zip 
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  1. Set Global Filters Where User Role.Role is any of Parent of Alumni, And User Role [1].Role any of Alumni, And User Base [1].Grade Year any of 2015
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