If your EE database is hosted by Blackbaud, please contact EE Support to have the SSO enabled before going through the steps below.  How do I contact Education Edge Support?

Things to be aware of:
  • The FAWeb and NetClassroom SSO validate based off the username of the user.  This means the username in Core must match the username the constituent uses to log in to FAWeb or NetClassroom.
  • The SSO will not work when impersonating a user.
  • Education Edge, NetClassroom and FAWeb must be version 7.87 patch 4 or higher.  If your Education Edge database is NOT hosted by Blackbaud there are special version considerations that need to be taken into account.  Please note if you have The Education Edge and The Raiser's Edge integrated and the version of each:
Current RE VersionCurrent EE VersionAre EE & RE integrated? 
7.93AnyYesWill need to wait for the release of RE 7.95.  Once RE 7.95 is installed then the latest version and patch of EE can be installed.
7.947.87, patch 2 or lowerYesThe latest patch for The Education Edge can be provided.
7.947.87 patch 3YesThe latest patch for The Education Edge can be provided.
7.947.87, patch 4 or higherYesThe FAWeb/NetClassroom SSO will be available.
Any7.87 patch 4 or higherNOThe FAWeb/NetClassroom SSO will be available.
  1. Install and Configure Education Edge Web API (Web Services)
    1. Install the Education Edge Web API
      •  If Blackbaud hosts your data, the plugin will already be preinstalled, so you will just need to grant third-party access to get started.
    2. Once Web Services has been installed, in Registrar's Office go to Web Services > LMS Access > click Activate
    3. Enter your Site ID and the Email Address of a Primary Contact at your school to activate Web Services
    4. In LMS Access mark onCampus
    5. Copy the LMS information
LMS Access​​
  1. Locate the FAWeb or NetClassroom URL. ​This is the school's FAWeb or NetClassroom URL that is used to log into FAWeb or NetClassroom. What is the default URL for Faculty Access for the Web?
  2. Enable the integration in the ON Products
    1. As an Integration Manager go to Core > Settings > Blackbaud connections 
    2. Select FAWeb or NetClassroom 
    3. Click Edit
    4. Mark Enable Integration
    5. Fill in the needed information:
      • API URL is the Feature URL from the LMS Information copied from Web Services.
      • Database ID is the Database Number copied from Web Services.
      • Database Key is the Database Key copied from Web Services.
      • Shared Secret is automatically system generated and no updates are needed.
      • FAWeb SSO URL or NetClassroom SSO URL is the FAWeb or NetClassroom URL used to log into the systems.  
        • Do not include anything after /FAWeb7 or /NetClassroom7 in the URL.
    6. Mark the appropriate participating Roles
    7. Click Save
    8. Click Authenticate
FAWeb Settings
  1. Add the SSO Link in the ON Products
    1. Go to School Website > Content > Additional content types > Links
    2. Open or add a Link Content Category
    3. Add a Link
    4. Under the Link section select the middle radio button and select FAWeb: FAWeb or NetClassroom: NetClassroom
FAWeb Link