The Blackbaud Hosting Services web page needs to be added to the Trusted Sites Zone in Internet Options.  

To resolve this issue: 
  • Follow the steps to configure Internet Explorer in our Knowledgebase Article, How to Configure Browsers for Blackbaud Hosting Services
  • Confirm that '.ica' file types are associated with 'Citrix Connection Manager' rather than with the Citrix receiver. 
    1. Go to the 'Start' menu.
    2. Select 'Default Programs'
    3. Select 'Associate a file type or protocal with a program'.
    4. Scroll down to '.ica' and check 'Current Default'
If this is set to 'Citrix Receiver' , please complete the follow steps to associate it with 'Citrix Connection Manager'
  1. Highlight the row for Citrix ICA client.
  2. Click 'Change Program'
  3. Click 'Browse'.
  4. Navigate to 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\ICA Client' and scroll to the bottom to select 'wfcrun32' from the list of available programs.
  5. Click 'Open'
  6. Click 'OK'.
Please restart your browser before attempting to relaunch the hosted application.