Split gifts are being duplicated when using Summary Information in a constituent query

Some users may find that when they use Summary Information as part of their Criteria and it contains the filter of 'Campaign ID does not equal [X] or Campaign ID not one of [X}'  they may get incorrect results from split gifts.
This can also occur for Fund ID or Appeal ID as well, and also for Fund, Campaign, or Appeal Attributes. 
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Alternative Solution:

When using the Summary Information field in the criteria, Instead of using the filter 'Campaign ID does not equal [x]', use the filter 'Campaign ID one of' and bring over all the campaigns except the campaign that is not desired.

Steps to Duplicate

Using example of donor from Sample Data:
  1.     Go into Robert Hernandez and go to the gift tab > new gift
  2.     Make it a Cash gift
  3.     Gift date today's date
  4.     Gift amount $100
  5.     Go to the Split gift tab
  6.     Split between Campaign Y and Campaign Z  equally (use any two campaigns)
  7.     Add any two Funds
  8.     Save and Close
  9.     Go to Query > New Query > Constituent / Dynamic
  10.     In Criteria: Summary Information > Summary for Gift > Total Amount of gifts greater than or equal to $1.00 and on the filter tab > go to Gift date equals today AND Campaign ID does not equal X (any of the campaigns you did NOT select for the gift)
  11.     On the output tab, include Query Fields >  Total Amount of Gifts_1
  12.     Results show $200
It should only show $100 since the gift you just added was only $100 and it fits the criteria.
This will occur if you do the same thing with Fund ID and Appeal ID (or Description for any of them). It will also occur for the "Not one of operator" as well.


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