To give Users rights to View, Add, Edit, and/or Delete Sales Tax Items In Canadian Database, follow the steps below:
1. Go to Administration
2. Click Set Up System Security
3. Find User's name in the Users column and double-click on the name to open User Record
4. On the user Record, note the group(s) that he/she is a Member of (this can be found on the User Information tab; look at the bottom box on the right)
5. Close the user's record
6. Go to the Groups column and double-click on the Group(s) to open the Group record(s) (if he/she is a member of multiple Groups, complete steps 7-14 for the Group that is used to give this user rights to post AP payments)
7. On the Group Privileges tab, Make sure that Accounts Payable is checked (this is in the System Components box)
8. highlight Accounts Payable
9. In the Accounts Payable Privileges box (this is to the right of the System Components box), Click Configuration
10. Make sure that Configuration is checked
11. Click on Options (written in white in the gray bar above the Accounts Payable Privileges box)
12. Make sure that there is a checkmark beside Sales Tax Items
13. Click on Sales Tax Items and place a check mark in the appropriate boxes to the right (View, Add, Edit, Delete)
14. Click OK