With required purchase discount not discounting all price types

When using a with required purchase discount, you may find that the discount is only applying to the price type with the highest price instead of all the price types that should be discounted
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Steps to Duplicate

Create discount:
  1. From Tickets, select Ticket and merchandise discounts.
  2. Click Add and select With required purchase
  3. Name discount, leave selected for use as is, and go the the Purchase details tab
  4. Add a price type to the Purchase these items section
  5. In the Get discounts on these items section, enter a number greater than on in the Quantity discounted field, Calculation type will be Percent.
  6. Add in multiple price types that will be discounted 100%
  7. Go to the Programs tab and add in an Admission program

Try to apply discount:
  1. From sales, select Daily sales
  2. Add in the admission price type that needs to be purchased
  3. Now add in the different price types that should be discounted.
  4. See that only the price type with the highest price has been discounted


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