Currently it is not possible to automatically merge groups. There are two ways to accomplish this. This first is to set up a query to create a master group made up of membership from the two or more groups you want to merge. The second method is to do a group assignment upload where you take the members of one of the groups and add it to the other.

To create a query based master group:
  1. Navigate to Data Management > Query.
  2. Select Create a new query.
  3. Give the query a title and description. Select Save.
  4. From the query builder tab, select the Add Group Clause button.
  5. Search for the name of the first group and select it. Save your changes.
  6. Select the Add Group Clause button.
  7. Search for the name of the second group and select it. Save your changes.
  8. Save the query then select Run Query.
  9. Select the Refresh button until the results list displays.
  10. Select the User Query link.
  11. Mark the radio button for Create a Group.
  12. Give the group a name, security category, group type and if applicable, how often you would like the group to rebuild membership.
  13. Save your changes and view the combine group.
To commit the group upload operation:
  1. Navigate to Data Management > Mail Merges.
  2. Select Create a New Mail Merge.
  3. Give the Mail Merge a name, description and select the appropriate security category.
  4. From the bottom section, select Biographical Information/Constituent ID and add it to right hand side column. Select Next Step.
  5. Search for the group name in which you are going to extract the constituent IDs and assign them to the secondary group. Select Next Step.
  6. Select Confirm.
  7. Download the CSV and open it.
  8. Add a Header Row for the column and label it "Cons_ID".
  9. Add a Header Row to the second column and label it "Group_ID".
  10. List the group ID of which you want to assign these constituents to all the way down until each constituent ID has the group ID listed next to it. Save your file.
  11. Navigate to Data Management > Import/Export.
  12. Select Create Custom Constituent Import.
  13. Give the import operation a name. Upload your file for item #3 and leave the delimiter as comma delimited.
  14. On Step 2., ensure that the fields are mapped accordingly from the drop down menus matching the Cons_ID and Group ID to the correct field. Go to the next step.
  15. On Step 4., Select Update Action, mark the radio button for "Overwrite blank fields with values from the import file " and go to the next step.
  16. Finish the operation.
This will assign all constituents from group A to group B. Once you have verified that one group now contains all members from both groups, you can delete the extra group if you wish.