Error: Integration Service is unavailable a connection attempt failed because ....- when syncing in Connector

While syncing the Sphere Connector, the following message is received:

Integration Service is unavailable: a connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond
If you are hosted by Blackbaud: Chat With Support and reference this article. 

If you are not hosted by Blackbaud:

Verify the Version
  1. In Raiser's Edge, click the Sphere icon
  2. Click Scheduler to open the Integration Control Panel
  3. Select Help > About Sphere Integration to view your version
  • As of 8/5/15 the most recent version of the Sphere Connector is Ensure both the version on the Server and Workstations is the same
  • The Sphere Connector version can also be found through Start>Control Panel>Add or Remove Programs. Find Sphere Connector

Verify credentials
  1. In The Raiser’s Edge, click Sphere, then choose Scheduler
  2. Navigate to Configuration>Sphere Connection
  3. Verify the credentials

Verify the Server Name
From RE>Sphere Connector>Scheduler:
  1. Navigate to Configuration>Service Host Connection
  2. Ensure the Server name is correct
Open and Verify Port and Firewall Settings  
Destination address - is the Blackbaud FTP server

Ports to open:
  • Outbound: TCP port 21 and TCP ports 1025-65535
  • Inbound: TCP ports 1025-65535
For Proxy settings, allow access to:
  • at
  • at
Verify the Account ID
  • You can bring up services on the machine running the connector by pressing the windows key and typing in "services" and pressing enter.  Then you will need to find the "Integration Service(*ACCOUNT*)" service where "*ACCOUNT*" is the account number. If this number is not the account number, than the connector was installed incorrectly and needs to be reinstalled with the correct account number.
Stop/Start Integration Service
  1. In Scheduler, choose File > Stop Integration Service
  2. Choose File > Start Integration Service
  • If the stop/start does not work, than go to the server hosting your RE and go then go to Start > Run on the server, then type services.msc.  On this list, double-click “Integration Service [your  Account ID].”  Click Stop. Once it has stopped click Start.
Un-Install and Re-Install the Connector
  1. Follow this solution to uninstall the Connector on the Server
  2. Follow this solution to install the Integration Service and Plugin on the Server
  • You may also need to uninstall/reinstall on the workstations


 Blackbaud Sphere

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