Query results show phones as inactive, active, primary, or not primary inaccurately

Some users find that query results are showing the incorrect status for phone numbers and email addresses.  For example, an Email with the Inactive? checkbox marked on the Constituent/Relationship record will appear in query results as Inactive? equals No.  Or, a phone number that does not have the Primary? checkbox marked in the Constituent/Relationship record will appear in query results as Primary? equals Yes.  This happens when selecting Phones>Specific Phones on the Criteria or Output tabs in the query.
Queries will return both inactive and active contact information for phones and email addresses.  Query is used as a grouping tool to group like records (Constituents, Gifts, etc.) together.  Since there is not a 'Phone' query type, adding one-to-many fields can show Results that appear incorrect. 

To filter out the inactive entries, use the Export module for desired results.  By default, Phones are filtered to NOT include Inactive entries. 

Steps to Duplicate

  1.  Log in as Supervisor
  2. Click Records>Constituents
  3. Open a constituent record
  4. In the phones grid on the Bio 1 tab, select the Email Addresses tab
  5. Create two emails with the same phone type (Email) and a different email address
  6. Mark the Primary? checkbox for one of the two email addresses
  7. Click Save and Close
  8. Click Query>New Constituent query
  9. On the Criteria tab, select Phones>Specific Phones>Email Number
  10. Change the Operator drop-down to not blank
  11. Click OK
  12. Select Phones>Specific Phones>Email>Email Number
  13. Double-click on Phone is Primary?
  14. Keep the Operator at equals
  15. Select Yes from the Value drop-down
  16. Click OK
  17. Click the Output tab
  18. Select Constituent Information>Name
  19. Select Phones>Specific Phones>Email>Email Number
  20. Double-click on Phone is Primary?
  21. Click Run Now
  22. Look for the constituent's name from steps 2-7.
  23. Note that the non-primary Email address shows Yes in the Phone is Primary? field, even though the phone is not primary


 Raiser's Edge
 Patch 2

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