To change the addressee/salutation for only a specific record: 

1. In Records, open the appropriate record. 
2. Select the Addressees/Salutation tab.
3. Select the Addressee/Salutation that needs a line break. 
4. Enter a backslash (\) in the appropriate place for a conditional break or a double backslash (\\) for a hard break. 
5. Repeat for any other applicable record. 
Note: This affects the addressee or salutation on this record only. 

To edit the Addressee/Salutation template to Configuration: 
1. In Configuration, click Addressee/Salutation. 
2. Highlight the addressee/salutation to change and click Open. 
3. Mark the Cond or Hard Brk checkbox in the appropriate place. 
4. Click Save and Close. 
Note: This change affects all records where the addressee/salutation is in use.