How to link a BBIS user to a Blackbaud CRM constituent record

How can I link an existing user account in BBIS to a record in Blackbaud CRM? 

Follow these steps to link the records if a user record in BBIS is linked to an incorrect constituent record or no record at all in CRM:
  1. Log into BBIS using an account with supervisor rights.
  2. Click on Users & SecurityUsers
  3. Search for the affected user and click the pencil icon to Edit the record
    • Note: Click the Break Link button if the record is linked to the wrong CRM record
  4. Then Save the change on the User record.
  5. Delete the record by clicking on the red X.
  6. Click OK at the prompt asking if you are sure. You are returned to the Users Gallery.
  7. Mark the Deleted checkbox next to the Search button and click Search; the user you just deleted will appear in the results.
  8. Click the pencil icon to edit the record.
  9. Click the Undelete and generate a signup transaction link 
  10. This will automatically send a sign-up transaction into CRM
  11. Process the sign-up transaction in the Web Transactions in CRM.
If the issue is unresolved, try the following steps to generate a new user sign up request
  1. Navigate to your BBIS site as a public user
  2. Register a new user on a User Login page
  3. Process the sign-up transaction in the Web Transactions in CRM.


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