Error: Unable to translate the user WindowsLoginID to a SID - when creating a new Application User record

When attempting to create a new Application User within BBEC/CRM, you may receive the following error:

"Unable to translate the user WindowsLoginID to a SID. The error was: Could not find matching Windows User."
We recommend working with your IT Department or HelpDesk to obtain the individual users' specific Windows Login/ID for the Application User you are attempting to create, as this is required to created the record and must match exactly.

Note: This may not always match to their email address. Example: Email: and Windows Login/ID: FirstName.LastName

Additionally, you can review the following guide to add a new Application User record in CRM: Add an application user

Example Application User Record:

Note: If you enter the Domain and Username together in the Domain Name field, you will received the error above as well (Example: CDEV/FirstName.LastName)



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