The STATIC_REC SQL tables and tmp% views are meant to be temporary and are created when queries/exports are run. They are typically removed when no longer needed but may reside and accumulate in the database over time. 

STATIC_RECS_% tables are directly associated with Static Queries in The Raiser's Edge. Users are given a message stating that it is a static query and that the system will generate keys for records.  It is at this point the table is created.  The table is removed when the query is either removed or changed to a Dynamic query.  Each STATIC_RECS_% table has a number after (represented here as "%") which correlates to the QUERIESID field in the QUERIES2 table.  

The tmp views are very similar to the STATIC_RECS tables.  However, they are tracked in the TEMPOBJECTLOG table.  In testing, The Raiser's Edge creates and removes these views both from the TEMPOBJECTLOG table and from the SQL views.  They are typically created and associated with user sessions in The Raiser's Edge and are removed once the user Exit and Signs out of The Raiser's Edge.