Error: Please enter a valid 'GL transaction ID'

When saving and closing an invoice with a previously positive distribution that was changed to that of a negative distribution, users may receive the error:  Error:  Please enter a valid 'GL transaction ID'.  

1. On the General Ledger distribution tab of the invoice, highlight the row that is the negative amount
2. Note the information, and then delete that row
3. Enter the negative amount in a new row at the bottom
4. Save and close the invoice


You can also delete the affected invoice and recreate it with the distributions set appropriately, as this may allow you to save normally.

If neither of these resolve the issue, contact Support.  We are currently evaluating this issue.

Steps to Duplicate

1. go to AP, Records, Invoices. 
2. open: Invoice that has positive distributions.
3. Go to GL distribution. 
4. Edit the distribution where one line is negative and the other is a positive amount that equal the total amount of the invoice.
6. Balance is $0.00. 
7. Save and close  see error.

Error:  Please enter a valid 'GL transaction ID'. 


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