When a parent creates a new Blackbaud NetCommunity (BBNC) account with a different Online ID than what is configured in their existing The Education Edge (EE) record, the error may be produced when processing the application. This can occur when a sibling is already enrolled in the school, the parent has an existing Individual Record with an Online ID specified, and the parent creates a new login in BBNC to submit an online application for the new sibling.

Remove the User ID from parent's EE record to allow the form to process:
  1. Log in to The Education Edge
  2. Click Records > Individuals
  3. Open the parent record from the error message. Make a note of the username and password on the parent record.
    1. If the username and password are not greyed out:
      1. Delete the username and password from the record
      2. Click Save and close 
      3. Click the NetCommunity plugin to open the form back up to be processed
      4. Click Manage Matches > Calculate Matches
      5. The matches should resolve and allow the form to process.The steps below can be disregarded.
    2. If the username and password are greyed out: Proceed to step 4. 
  4. Log in to the NetCommunity website
  5. Click Users & Security > Users
  6. Search for the parent's username 
  7. Click the pencil icon to edit the parent's BBNC user account
  8. Click the Break Link button at the bottom of the screen to break the link to the EE record
  9. Click Save 
  10. Log in to The Education Edge
  11. Open the parent record again. Remove the username and password fields
  12. Click Save and Close
  13. Click the NetCommunity plugin within EE
  14. Process the form after verifying the matches are correct
  15. Once the form processes, run the Add Users Utility to correct the parent's record to link to the BBNC account.