To gain access to Control Panel, users must have supervisor rights:
  1. Log into the Raiser's Edge database view with a user account that has these Supervisor rights.
  2. Navigate to Admin > Security.
  3. Locate and open the username in question.
  4. Mark the 'Supervisor rights' radio button OR:
    1. Select Administration on the left > Options
    2. Check the box next to Security
    3. Click Save and Close. 
  5. Ask this user account to sign out of Raiser's Edge NXT and sign back in to confirm these changes are complete.
Note: Once supervisor users have access to the Control Panel, he or she can send invitations to other users for access to Raiser's Edge NXT.

***If a user has access to Control Panel but is not marked with Supervisor rights, please check their user group permissions.

If your Control Panel>Security looks like the following, please refer to Permissions UI Frequently-Asked Questions.