How does Sage verify credit card transactions using address (AVS), name, CVV, expiration date?

This article shows how SAGE verifies credit card transactions using address (AVS), name, CVV, and expiration date.
There is an option to have exact verification or partial verification on Address. Partial Verification requires only the correct zip code or street address. There may be clients that do not use address verification at all but it is available.
  • Names are not verified at all.
  • CVV (card verification number) is verified (there can be exceptions where certain payment types do not require one).
  • Expiration date – This field is verified, so long as it is not expired. In the past, some clients would just extend the expiration date on cards by a month to get some of them to pull.

For additional information on Address Verification and CVV, follow this link to the SAGE website



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