Application Error when clicking Transfer Email Addresses

Users are receiving an eTapestry Application Error when clicking the Transfer Email Addresses button in the Constant Contact Integration section of the database.
One possible cause for this error is incorrect Constant Contact login information in eTapestry. Please ensure you have the correct login information and then try the transfer again.
  1. Log into eTapestry
  2. Click the down arrow next to Communications
  3. Under the Constant Contact section, click Manage Preferences
  4. Verify the username and re-type the password
  5. Before you save, attempt to log into Constant Contact with the login information you've entered. If you can log in there, then the information is correct
  6. Click Save
If the transfer fails again after following those steps, please contact Support and provide this article ID in reference to your issue.

Steps to Duplicate

  • Log Into database
  • Click the down arrow next to Communications
  • Click Transfer Email Addresses
  • Receive Error

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