I refunded a back office payment, but the refund is not showing on the payment record

When you refund a back office payment, you may find that the refund does not show on the payment record.
This is normal when refunding a back office payment through the refunds screen. Although the refund is not attached or referenced in the payment record, the refund can be found in the revenue history tab of the constituent's record. Instead of refunding the back office payment through the refunds screen, we typically recommend to edit the payment with the following steps:
  1. From Revenue, click Transaction Search
  2. Select the payment
  3. In the Tasks menu, click Edit Payment (or edit posted payment)
  4. Change the amount to $0.00 and the applied amount to $0.00
  5. Enter any adjustment information if this payment was posted
  6. Click to refund the payment 
  7. Click Save


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