Service User ID Number field missing from Online Express

Online Express Donation Forms require a Service User ID Number for direct debit payments to comply with direct debit requirements and rules. The text is available but no field to enter a value.
We are currently evaluating this issue.
Please contact support with your Service User ID number.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Log into Raiser's Edge and select Online Express
  2. Create a new donation form and allow Direct Debit payment method in the 'Get started' tab
  3. Tick to Include the recurring gift option in the 'Extras' tab and add a monthly frequency
  4. Save and continue to the 'Fine Tuning' tab
  5. Tick the box 'Make this a monthly gift'
  6. Scroll down and select Direct Debit
  7. Note the Service User ID Number text but no corresponding field



 Blackbaud Online Express

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