Duplicate acknowledgee created in Online Express tribute transaction

When processing tribute gifts in Online Express, duplicate acknowledgees and relationships may be created, often if there is a variation in the name of the existing relationship.
This has been resolved with the 10/3/16 release of Online Express.

Steps to Duplicate

A tribute donation must be created in Online Express
  1. Navigate to the Online Express plugin
  2. Click Download Transactions button
  3. Select the donation with a tribute
  4. Click the Find Tribute button
  5. In the Acknowledgee section click the F7 button to locate the existing Raiser's Edge relationship record
  6. If there is a variation from the existing acknowledgee, you will see both versions in the relationship linking screen
  7. Link to the correct relationship for the acknowledgee
  8. Navigate to Raiser's Edge Tribute record and verify a duplicate, non-constituent relationship was created for the incorrect acknowledgee


 Raiser's Edge

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